Tax Returns


Not only do I write about taxes, I also help people prepare their tax returns!

Are you overwhelmed with the thought of going through all those tax records, your receipts, and wading through those confusing instructions from the IRS and the state tax authorities trying to figure out what goes where on your tax forms, hoping that you have included everything and not misclassified something?

 It doesn’t have to be difficult!

 As a CPA trained in tax return preparation with years of experience in preparing tax returns, I can spot the deductions that others may miss. By using the latest tax software to ensure you get all the deductions to which you are entitled, you can be assured that your tax return is accurate and complete, without spending hours out of your busy life to prepare it.

I can help with:

  • Individual returns
  • Small business returns
  • Corporate returns
  • Analyzing your return to determine potential tax strategies for the coming year

Don’t spend more time on your taxes than you have to.

You have better things to do!

Drop me a line at and let’s discuss how to take care of your tax preparation needs.