Make accounting and taxes understandable to your readers

Do you have a website or publication, and want to add some information related to accounting, taxes, or finance? You’ve come to the right place!

I specialize in writing blog posts and articles related to accounting and finance, with the emphasis on making these concepts understandable to the average person who may be thinking about starting a business, but all that financial mumbo-jumbo intimidates them so much that they are afraid to start. My articles draw on my experience as a CPA and Certified Management Accountant to help the reader understand those often confusing topics in a way that they are no longer intimidated, and feel confident they can start and run a business.

Do you have a service your business performs that you think your clients or potential clients would benefit from having you perform?  I can prepare a white paper on that service that will help these customers and potential customers understand a particular issue in which your company can provide insight, or how you can help them to solve a problem or make a decision.  This is a great advertising medium that can show how your business is a leader in solving the problems they may have.

Do you have an accounting system that houses all your financial information, but the reports are hard to understand and not easily understood by the decision makers in your business.  You need to report these financial results in a way that is easily understood by you and your non-accounting personnel, which will help you make better decisions.  Drawing on my experience in various accounting organizations, and my various financial certifications, I can translate the accounting mumbo-jumbo into a plain English report that will allow you and your staff to make the important decisions to grow your business.

Interested in an article or blog post that will help your readers understand tax and accounting a little better? Or do you need a white paper or a report done?  Send me an email and let’s talk about how I can help!